Summer Newsletter 2015


Welcome to the first TTS Newsletter. One of our goals for this year is to increase TTS’ presence by getting in touch with the volunteers more often and providing better trail information. One of our goals that is, alongside plenty of trail building and riding!

Volunteer Weekend 10 – 11th October
The trails are still hugely popular and it’s been great seeing the number and variety in the groups riding. With that comes wear and tear and Blue 3 and Red 15 are in need of some serious TLC. So, we’ll be working on these areas from September 28th to October 9th followed by a volunteer weekend (that’s 10th and 11th October) to make good. If you’re interested in helping and are good with a shovel, then get the date in your diary and email us.

Freeride Area
Why has it all gone quiet? Is it going to happen? Has it all fizzled out? The answer? We’re working on it. After the meeting with the volunteers we started getting into planning and quickly realised that we are a way away from being ready to start building. TTS is working in the background with The Crown Estate to secure use of the land and a sustainable budget which sadly means it’s unlikely we’ll start building this year. More news as we get it.

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What happened to Tank Traps?
Not currently part of the trails but not lost, is the answer! The Crown Estate have a rolling 5 year and 25 year plan for the forest. That section of woods had been flagged for a while in the rolling 5 year plan to be clear felled, once this has taken place, the section then becomes an annual ground nesting area from March to September. We are currently discussing with The Crown Estate about altering the layout of Tank Traps to enable the final gully to be open throughout the year. The good news is, Tank Traps will reopen at the end of the summer anyway.


Trail Tails from the Bearded One
Many of us ride these trails, enjoy them and are grateful they are there but few realise the work that goes in behind the scenes to keep the trails running. You may have seen him out in the forest but far from being some wild forest dweller, Colin is our expert trail builder. He’s the one who patches up the trails, such as the recent repairs on Blue 16, keeps The Crown Estate up-to-date on what work needs doing, ready for inspection and sign off. Ever wondered why you don’t get stung by nettles or torn apart by brambles? Colin constantly clears the trails. His next task will be getting tank traps back up and running. He has good design ideas and, as a quality mountain biker, knows how to make a trail fun to cruise down or more technically challenging if you go faster. A talented man!


Calling All Web Designers
It’s time Trail Team Swinley had a website and we need to promote Trail Team Swinley as a brand – who would like to help? If this is your thing, please email us.


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