March Newsletter 2016


If you go down in the woods today….
You’ll probably see people working on trails or at least the new trails well underway. The Freeride Area is taking shape, the heavy lifting is complete on new Blue 2, Red 1 and Red 4-5, ready for the finishes touches over the next few weeks. A lot of hard work has gone in since the beginning of January with over fifty volunteers coming in to help. A huge thank you to all of them – we couldn’t have got this far without you!

Our message is keep on coming! To respect the ground nesting birds plus other wildlife we aimed to complete all major work before the end of February. The Crown Estate have supported us all through this by moving ginger around to where we need it, providing digger drivers and even joining us on dig days to push the work along. All we need now, at least until the end of March is more help – it’s all manual labour from now until end-September!

The next build day is Saturday March 12thRoblox Hack No Survey No Download

What’s left to do?
There’s still plenty to do on the Freeride Area. The team is testing it and working out a plan to complete each run. We will have groups working on it as well as finalising the new Blue 2 climb, new Red 1 and Red 4-5 (Seagull). All the work has progressed well and it’s been great to see so many new faces coming down to help as well as the grafters who turn up time and time again.

If you can’t come…
If you’ve signed up, got a confirmation email from us and then for whatever reason you can’t come, please let us know! It’s no problem if you change your mind but please remember places are limited and if you don’t let us know, someone else misses out and less work gets completed. All it takes is an email, Facebook message, carrier pigeon…

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No Tank Traps again this Summer
We tried and The Crown Estate tried but in order to protect potential nesting sites, Tank Traps will be closed again this summer. Positive negotiations continue, aiming to find common ground which helps the wildlife and keeps interesting trail features running.


Weekday Volunteering
We hope to offer weekday volunteering soon as well. You can use any charity/community work days your company offers for this. Keep an eye on the newsletter and Facebook pages if you’re interested.


Do we have to stop trail building through the summer?
We are talking to The Crown Estate as to what we can do. Without heavy machinery and protecting wildlife, the summer will mostly be about keeping the trails clear and running sweet before we push on with the big building projects in late September or October.

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