Red 1 – 5

Bringing Seagull Back into the Trails

One big plan for 2016 was to bring the old Seagull trail back into the network to include natural trails – natural trails being a strong request from the survey we ran back at the end of 2015. Normally at this stage, we’d invite volunteers to come in and help prepare the trails but with this one basically needing a good clean up, most of the work was done by Colin and TrailTeam Swinley.

With Tank Traps closing for the next few summers, it made sense to re-route the beginning of the red to take riders straight to Seagull (Red 4 – 5) so Red 1 was built.

All this re-routes the trails nicely so that Tank Traps can be included at the end of the Red over the winter, left out during the summer until the trees have regrown when it can be included permanently in the trail network. Thanks again to all those who came down and helped.

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