Mountain bike trail, 2 bikers going into berm


Swinley’s Mountain Bike Trail Maintenance Team
Keeping the Swinley Forest trails running sweetly, TrailTeam Swinley is a community interest company who work with The Crown Estate to maintain the trails. Our job is to talk to the mountain bike community for their ideas, suggest and design new routes. Designing a trail through a forest is a skill and TTS aim to provide this.

Dedicated Trails
Mountain biking is a sport on the up, becoming ever more popular. The green, red and blue purpose-built trails cope with an estimated 200,000 riders a year. The trails cover all abilities, from those trying it for the first time to seasoned professionals. That number puts serious wear and tear on the ginger and that’s where TrailTeam Swinley comes in. We are a team of 7 who design, build, inspect, advise and maintain for The Crown Estate.

Our funding comes entirely from the The Crown Estate. Inspections and maintenance is an ongoing task, shared by both parties. When a trail needs redesigning or a completely new trail is required, this is where TTS comes in. The initial trail work is done with The Crown Estate help. Any heavy machinery is provided by The Crown Estate and we use their drivers or our own, licenced drivers. Wherever we can, we run volunteer days to get as many people as possible involved in looking after our rides.

Mountain bike trail maintenance is a year-round project. Not only are trail repairs required, the trails need to be cleared of leaves in autumn to avoid a mushy mess sitting on the surface, making erosion worse. Heavy work is carried out by The Crown Estate, the more manual work is taken on by TTS.

We send out newsletters and post on our Facebook page when we need help. We work on weekends mostly, with occasional weekday work. Sign up or like us to keep up with the news.


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